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For nearly a decade, Darshan Yeshiva has been connecting students with rabbis and cantors who teach and guide them through the conversion process and officiate at their conversion rituals.

We are the only online-based conversion to Judaism program in the world that provides conversion mentors from across the Jewish spectrum. We often help those with physical limitations, people who cannot connect with local Jewish communities, active military, those living abroad and more. We support our LGBTQ+ students, interfaith families, as well as those who need scholarships.

We trust that you’ll find Darshan Yeshiva a great experience.

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How It Works

Learn on your own schedule

Enjoy our self-guided videos, podcasts, and readings that give many perspectives on Jewish topics you need to know.

Topics covered include God, Torah, Israel, holidays, lifecycle celebrations, Jewish values and more. No Hebrew knowledge required.

We also include Darshan Yeshiva founder Rabbi Patrick Beaulier’s personal podcast on his conversion to Judaism experience and helpful ways to fully own your Jewish identity.

Meet with your mentor

Students choose a mentor that best fits with them. Our mentors include Conservative, Reform and other progressive Jewish clergy experienced with helping conversion students.

Students meet once per month online, on phone or in-person with their mentor for 10 months. 

The mentor will also be available by email to answer questions and provide you with more support as you go through your Jewish journey.

Convert to Judaism

When you complete your program, you’ll take part in the conversion rituals in-person with your mentor. 

Don’t worry – the mentor sets up every aspect of the conversion rituals. There are no additional fees to pay, no secret questions or anything to be intimidated by.

Our community of learners and educators warmly welcomes you into the Jewish people.


Recognized conversion within your chosen denomination


Mentors from across the Jewish spectrum


Learn at your own pace


1-on-1 mentorship on the phone, online or in-person


Free access to all programs & resources for life


Active and welcoming private-access Facebook community & Newsletter

What people are saying about the program

When I first made the decision to convert to Judaism it seemed like there were so many ways to start….and none of them were actually do-able for me due to my daily schedule with work and other responsibilities. When I found Darshan Yeshiva, and spoke with the Rabbis, I felt a sense of relief…and I haven’t looked back since. The program was easy to navigate, I could go at my own pace, and everyone working for the program was right there when you needed them. My conversion mentor was absolutely amazing, very hands on, and made me feel comfortable throughout the journey. I can’t imagine a better resource for learning, support, and community.
Allie L.
This conversion program was more of a personal experience than I imagined because Darshan Yeshiva encourages connecting Jewish history, holidays, learning Hebrew, etc with me personally to help me merge the two together to help shape my Jewish identity. I became more comfortable in my transformation to becoming Jewish because of how intimate this conversion program is.
Channah C.
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Only $239 per month for ten months

You save over $2,600 with our program

✡ ✡ ✡ $400 need-based scholarships available to anyone upon request ✡ ✡ ✡

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rabbis and cantors who facilitate conversions are all ordained and recognized by their respective denominations’ governing bodies, where applicable. In addition, the conversions they facilitate are conducted in accordance with their respective communities’ interpretation of halacha (Jewish law). 

Students choose from Conservative/Masorti, Reform, Reconstructionist, Jewish Renewal, Humanistic, and Post-denominational/Pluralistic conversions. Not sure what these terms mean? Learn more about Jewish denominations

In addition, all conversion students complete the same pluralistic conversion curriculum, or a curriculum drawing from a wide range of Jewish thought, observance, and opinions, online. Preview our pluralistic curriculum

Still not sure which movement is right for you? Take a look at the following article: Which Jewish movement is right for me?

Our Conversion to Judaism program is a $5,000 value for only $239 per month for ten months. Scholarships are available upon request. 

Your program tuition covers the cost of your course materials, lifetime access to additional programs, and your sponsoring rabbi or cantor’s time as well as any costs associated with the coordination of your beit din (court of Jewish law) and mikvah (ritual bath), where applicable. The only costs not covered are for the brit milah/hatafat dam brit (ritual circumcision or equivalent) and student travel and accommodations, if any.

Our faculty is made up of a number of Jewish clergy, including rabbis and cantors, all of whom are ordained and recognized by their respective denominations’ governing bodies, where applicable. These mentors represent the various branches of progressive (other than Orthodox) Judaism, and are based throughout North America, Central America, and Europe. Each and every one of them is experienced in mentoring conversion candidates and is eager to meet you. Find your mentor here

At Darshan Yeshiva, we recognize that not every Jewish journey follows the same path. In some cases, halachically Jewish individuals, or those who have one or more biological parents who are also Jewish and are considered Jewish themselves, may not have been raised in a traditional Jewish home and desire to recommit themselves to Judaism.

For these individuals, we recommend an affirmation of Jewish identity, which enables you to follow the same plan of study and mentorship as a conversion candidate. At the conclusion of this process, your rabbi or cantor will work with you to identify Jewish ritual that signifies your personal commitment to Judaism.

Learn more about affirmation of Jewish identity

Visit our Help page by clicking here.

There you’ll find links to more Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still have questions, please use our contact information on that page and get in touch with us directly.

We’re happy to hear from you!

Our conversion program features a hybrid model that includes online learning and rituals completed in-perosn.

The conversion process often concludes with certain Jewish rituals, including the brit milah/hatafat dam brit (ritual circumcision or equivalent), beit din (court of Jewish law) and the mikvah (ritual bath). These are typically completed in person under the sponsoring rabbi’s or cantor’s  supervision in their location. 

Monthly, one-on-one rabbinic or cantorial mentorship sessions are also via phone, video conference, or in-person conversation based on your schedule. 

Our Conversion to Judaism program is designed to take ten months to complete. In some cases, students are able to finish their coursework in fewer than ten months. However, it is at their sponsoring rabbi or cantor’s discretion whether a student is prepared to convert before ten months are over.

Yes – all students who complete a conversion to Judaism through Darshan Yeshiva receive the following documentation for their personal records:

  • Your certificate of completion that Darshan Yeshiva provides you to demonstrate that you completed the coursework required to complete your program, and

  • Your conversion certificate that your sponsoring rabbi or cantor provides you to demonstrate that you completed a halachic conversion to Judaism, or one that is in accordance with Jewish law, under their supervision. 

Of note: Darshan Yeshiva maintains a clear policy regarding supplemental documentation to satisfy the needs of local agencies, such as synagogues, governments, immigration offices, etc. Read our policy regarding supplemental documentation

In order to be considered for our Conversion to Judaism program, an applicant must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older, unless completing the conversion process with a parent or guardian
  • Applicants must be fluent in either English and/or Italian in order to navigate the coursework.
  • We will not accept applicants who wish to remain a part of Jews For Jesus, Messianic Judaism, or similar.
  • As with all conversion programs, we will not provide conversion for the sake of making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) or being recognized as a Jew in Israel. Read our Israel policy here

To get started, we encourage you to review our Conversion Terms and Conditions. From there, you’re welcome to contact us with any questions. If you have no additional questions, simply click the button below to apply online today!