Rabbi Cantor Jacqueline Marx




Conversion requirements

Brit milah/Hatafat dam brit:

Not required but recommended (Supervision is not required, but rabbi needs to be on the premises.)


Required (Libi Eir Mikveh at Beth Meyer Synagogue in Raleigh, N.C.)

Beit din:

Not required but recommended (Rabbis and/or cantors)

Conversion location:

Raleigh, N.C.

Mentoring sessions available in:


Conversion requirements during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Brit milah/Hatafat dam brit:

Not required but recommended (No change)


Required (No change)

Beit din:

Not required but recommended (No change)

I am happy to work with

Families with children, People who identify as LGBTQ+, People in interfaith or dual-faith relationships

Personal statement

There’s always been a strange dance within me: Judaism and music. I resonate with their respective and braided rhythms. You could probably say I’m “Jewsical,” and I see the world through Jewish eyes. How do I know this if I’ve never had any other kind of life-lens? Well, I consistently search for goodness in people and in situations. As I go along, I’m reminded that life is difficult and life is sweet; people are both sick and well, angry and gentle; and we consistently strive for balance. In this way, Judaism has the nice, round shape of life itself, and the pull of dichotomy that gives us wheels and energy.

I also believe that shalom (peace) is much more than the absence of war or strife — shalom represents wholeness. Both music and food can bring people together even through our differences. Once we start to dialogue, we can maintain the beauty within disagreement. You can also reach wholeness by giving yourself a break. So much seems to be expected of us in this crazed 21st century that we often feel we’re unable to keep up. It’s okay — you are enough.

In my spare time (hah!), I enjoy spending time with my two teenagers, three cats, and my treasured friends as well as reading non-fiction or historical fiction books, watching movies, and cooking and eating mostly Pescatarian dishes. I also love to laugh. Every relationship must include laughter, no matter who you are.

Rabbi Cantor Jacquie Marx is a Reform cantor who was recently ordained as a rabbi at Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary.


Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary
Smicha (Rabbinical Ordination)

Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music
Smicha (Cantorial Ordination)
Master of Sacred Music

Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Master of Music, Opera Performance