Cantor Jacqueline Marx (Reform)

Cantor Jacqueline Marx (Reform)

Conversion Requirements
Brit Milah/Hatafat: No, but recommended (let's discuss -- I would need to be on premises but do not need to supervise)
Mikvah: Yes (Libi Eir, Beth Meyer Synagogue, Raleigh, NC)
Bet Din: No, but recommended (rabbis and cantors from local synagogues and universities)
Conversion Location: Libi Eir, Beth Meyer Synagogue, Raleigh, NC
Students Accepted: Chai, Mitzvah

There's always been a strange dance within me: Judaism and music. I resonate to their respective and braided rhythms. You could probably say I'm Jewsical, and I see the world through Jewish eyes. How do I know this, since I've never had any other kind of life-lens? Well, I consistently search for goodness in people and in situations. As I go along, I'm reminded that life is difficult and life is sweet.... people are both sick and well, angry and gentle, and that we consistently strive for balance. In this way, Judaism has the nice round shape of life itself, and the pull of dichotomy that gives us wheels and energy.

I also believe that Shalom, peace, is much more than the absence of war or strife: Shalom is wholeness. Music (and food!) can bring people together even through our differences. Once we start to dialogue, we can keep the beauty within disagreement.

In my spare time (hah!) I enjoy my two teenagers; my nearly-centarian mom; my four cats; books (mostly non-fiction or historical fiction), movies, food and cooking (mostly pescatarian), and my treasured friends. I also love to laugh. I believe that every relationship must include laughter, no matter who you are.

Family Policy
Tell me your story, including all about your family. I'd love to meet them and work with them in a welcoming way, whether that means their conversion or other means of inclusion in your journey. Together we can determine the best way to teach your child as a team.

Interfaith Policy
If you are part of a family that is interfaith, or that will be interfaith as a result of your conversion, let's talk. Share your story; nothing is simple. The experience must be positive for all concerned.