Mitzvah Level with Rabbi Zisser

Mitzvah Level with Rabbi Zisser

Students in our Mitzvah Level program are truly a blessing. By choosing this level, you will be helping us fund our scholarship level. The more students who sign up at this level, the more we can lower the price of the scholarship level, making conversion to Judaism even more affordable for countless students around the world.

This level includes:

Our online conversion education program, focusing on Jewish identity, history, holidays, lifecycle, and mitzvot. Students learn though video and audio, as well as handouts, and journaling in each unit.

One-on-one conversion mentor meetings with your rabbi in person, on Skype or on the phone

Student support via email

Your conversion ceremony including bet din and mikvah

A $1,000 value: free lifetime access to our Torah Study, Intro to Judaism, Darshan Training and Advanced Jewish Studies programs

The Mitzvah level is $200.00 per month for ten months.