Rabbi Charni Flame Selch (Conservative/Masorti)

Rabbi Charni Flame Selch (Conservative/Masorti)

Conversion Requirements
Brit Milah/Hatafat: Yes
Mikvah:  Yes (Mayyim Hayyim in Newton, MA or a natural body of water)
Bet Din: Yes, (bet din may include rabbis, cantors and educated lay Jews)
Conversion Location: Boston, MA area or New England
Students Accepted: Chai, Mitzvah

Welcome to the next steps on your Jewish journey! Together we'll discuss how you internalize all the wonderful information these courses teach you and how you will incorporate the traditions into your Jewish life.

I have been a congregational rabbi and a community educator but mostly what I do is draw upon my experiences to nurture spiritual development for those who are seeking encounters with G-d and each other. I help individuals and families looking to engage in Jewish life and learning. I believe that Judaism shouldn’t be a spectator sport: It is meant to be approachable, personal, do-able and never to be simply watched from the sidelines. Therefore, I encourage us all to connect to Judaism and the community through interpersonal relationships and education and to find our own spot in the broader Jewish community.
I try to connect souls to the Jewish communities. I enhance entry points to ritual and spirituality in order to create meaningful connections to our traditions. Your life path will incorporate all parts of you as you continue to surround your spirituality in a Jewish framework

Rabbi Selch's Additional Conversion Policy

Before we go to a bet din or the mikveh, I will expect you to be able to articulate how the traditions of Judaism fit into your life path including community worship, Kashrut, Shabbat and Israel.