Rabbi Janet Madden (Post-Denominational)

Rabbi Janet Madden (Post-Denominational)

Conversion Requirements
Brit Milah/Hatafat: Yes (personal supervision not required but a certificate is required)
Mikvah: Yes (The American Jewish University, Los Angeles)
Bet Din: Yes (Three ordained rabbis who are members of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din, Los Angeles CA. Bet Din will be some combination of Conservative, Reform, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Post-Denominational) 
Conversion Location: Los Angeles, CA
Students Accepted: Scholarship, Chai and Mitzvah

When I was 12 years old, I took an aptitude test that showed that the career for which I was best suited was clergy; the second best was teacher. But, when I was 12, there were no female clergy. I did the second-best thing: I earned a PhD in literature and became a college professor. Times changed. Life happened. And I wanted deeper connections with God and with human beings. I applied to The Academy for Jewish Religion-California ’s fully-accredited, pluralistic, egalitarian and trans-denominational rabbinical school. I studied with Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewal, Reconstructionist and Humanist rabbis, cantors, lay teachers and students. I was ordained by a Modern Orthodox rabbi, a Renewal rabbi and a Reform rabbi; my sponsor was a Conservative rabbi. I am trained in and attuned to the full spectrum of Jewish practices. So, when people ask me what kind of a rabbi I am, my answer is simple and heartfelt: “A good one, I hope.”

I am a member of the Board of Rabbis of Southern California and a Governor of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din, the world’s only trans-denominational Bet Din. I have served as a congregational rabbi, a hospice rabbi and a hospital rabbi. I find joy in writing and officiating at creative, soulful rituals. I am certified as a Jewish Spiritual Director and Jewish Sacred Chant practitioner. My personal spiritual practices include writing, meditating, hand quilting and gardening. It is my deep joy and great honor to accompany individuals who are on the holy journey to becoming a Jew.

Additional Conversion Requirements
Final conversion rituals (bet din, mikvah, etc.) that I sponsor must be physical and in-person, not virtual/online.

Family Policy
I am a member of a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-faith and gay-straight family. I am delighted to work with all kinds of families. There is a profound sacredness when parents and children convert together. Let's talk.

Interfaith Policy
Spiritual journeys are unique to every person--and they can get complicated. I want to provide support for those who are on the path to conversion while also providing support for existing relationships and family structures. Let's talk.