Rabbi Patrick A. Beaulier (Post-Denominational)

Rabbi Patrick A. Beaulier (Post-Denominational)

Conversion Requirements
Brit Milah/Hatafat: No, but recommended
Mikvah:  Yes (Temple Beth El, Richmond, VA)
Bet Din: No, but recommended
Student Levels Accepted: Mitzvah 

About Me
As a Jew By Choice, I understand where you are coming from. You may be concerned about being turned away. You're not certain what Jewish movement you should align yourself with -- because you feel too unique for that! You want something "valid" but aren't sure what that is. I'm here to help you relieve all that stress. Because here, you're loved and wanted. As far as I am concerned, you are already Jewish and just have one more step to take. I took that step too. Let's take it together.

I am the community rabbi for Bonay Kodesh, an independent-progressive Jewish community in Chesterfield County, VA (Richmond suburbs). You will have a supportive community in Bonay Kodesh as part of your spiritual journey.

I have been a rabbi for 3 years and a Jewish educator for 7 years. I was ordained a post-denominational rabbi, so I am comfortable engaging with you on everything from Orthodox Hasidism to Secular Humanistic Judaism. My training previous to ordination was with a Conservative rabbi. My own personal spiritual development has included independent minyanim, and I feel most at home philosophically with Classical Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism.

My lovely wife and I spend countless hours watching TV, trekking through state parks and farmers markets, and playing with our kittens Maggie and Toes. I am involved heavily in interfaith life in Richmond and if you're lucky you'll find me pretending to be working out at the JCC.

Family Policy
If you have a family, I would like to meet with them at the same time we meet (as a group). Parents must teach their children Judaism using our Family Conversion Program, but I am here to assist you as needed with other materials.

Interfaith Policy
I am happy to work with people in interfaith relationships of any kind, so long as the partner is supportive of your conversion to Judaism.